BrainKidsPhysio is an independent private practice specialising in the provision of physiotherapy treatment and management of children.

KidsPhysio has bases in Milton Keynes and Bedford. We provide specialist assessment and treatments in children’s familiar surroundings (home, nursery, child minders, school) in Milton Keynes and Bedford.

KidsPhysio offers early intervention for children with neurological, developmental, orthopaedic and biomechanical disorders. We can provide assessment and treatment whilst you wait for, and to supplement NHS physiotherapy.

Children are not simply small adults; they grow very quickly and their bodies and brains are developing. To provide the right physiotherapy for children therefore requires highly specialist knowledge.

Our physiotherapists have years of expertise and experience in helping children. We make physiotherapy sessions fun and interesting and something to look forward to, not fear.

All this means that we are ideally placed to provide the highest quality of treatment and care to help your child reach their goals!


Home VisitsKidsPhysio primarily offers a domiciliary Physiotherapy service, visiting children in their own homes. We find that children are generally relaxed and happier within their own environments, with their own toys and games, therefore making physiotherapy sessions more effective.

Seeing children in their homes also helps establish a physical home management programme with exercises and activities that are appropriate for you and your home.

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Our Physiotherapists

Kate Drake and Pam Marmelstein are our Physiotherapists. Kate and Pam are both experienced Chartered Physiotherapists, specialising in the management of children (Paediatrics). They are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Anyone using the title ‘Physiotherapist’ must be registered with the HPCP, always check that a therapist’s details are on

Our Physiotherapists undertake the mandatory training as per NHS requirements and CSP guidelines. This includes Safeguarding, Moving and Handling and CPR.

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Why should you choose KIDSPHYSIO?