I found Kate was so good with my son – as he was reluctant to try the exercises initially. He has learnt a lot and improved with his balance and confidence.

MD, Silverstone

Kate has been a tower of strength, moving the programme along and bringing in new elements when my son was ready for them. She has been a constant support and understands his needs when the NHS provision has been patchy to non-existent.

EL, nr Brackley

I am very satisfied with the treatment and support provided to my son by Kids Physio, they have continually understood his needs and liaised with the appropriate professionals at his CDC and school. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

SS, Dunstable

A big thank you for helping Olivia to walk again after her operation. We appreciate that in the beginning Olivia made your job incredibly difficult so thanks for sticking with her. We really appreciate everything you have done.

BH, Maulden

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication which has helped me achieve what I wanted through my physiotherapy with you.

SC, Milton Keynes

Kate is very dedicated and goes out of her way to help our son, and support us as a family. Kate is very cheerful and friendly, and her outgoing personality motivates our son to do his exercises!

DS, Milton Keynes

I first contacted Kate after my daughter Megan was diagnosed with mild Hemiplegia. From the outset, Kate was very gentle and relaxed with Megan. As a result, our physio sessions are lots of fun and very productive. Megan loves the new games we play and enjoys practicing the many different activities to show Kate how good she is getting. Kate has also been a tremendous support to me. She is very easy to talk to and has often kept me positive in what has been a very difficult year.

CW, Brackley

Kate has been my physiotherapist for nearly 10 years. I owe a lot to her as not only has she been my physiotherapist, helping me cope with my disability and improving my mobility, but she has also been a great friend who has helped improve my confidence. I have been playing for the England Cerebral Palsy football team for the last 3 years (since I was 15) we are now ranked 8th in the world after getting to the quarterfinals of the World Championships in July. I am very happy and proud to be in the national team and I know that without Kate’s help, I never would have been able to reach this standard and I would never have had the opportunities that are now available to me.

MH, Leighton Buzzard

Kate has taken care in explaining the exercises to our son, tailoring them specifically for him. He has responded enthusiastically to her coaching. We’ve been impressed by the speed at which improvements have been made.

AW, Luton

Alex is nine years old. He has developmental problems and is unable to walk without assistance. Kate has been working with Alex, helping his physical and mobility needs, since he was 10-months old. He has made steady progress in these areas during this period. Kate visits Alex at home during the school holidays. Her treatment compliments the physiotherapy he has at his special school. Kate has been both very knowledgeable and supportive towards Alex’s needs during this time.

JS, Dunstable

Ryan has physio once a week, his benefit from these sessions is very important to him and to us. The sessions are designed for his needs – which can change to meet his growing spurts and ability. The sessions are always made fun, Ryan finds his therapist very amusing.

HP, Flitwick

I have a child who has problems with his communication apart from the issue with his feet. Despite this Kate has built a good bond with him and he trusts her and has responded well to treatment. First Class treatment from ‘KidsPhysio’ I would recommend to anyone.

NF, Olney

The exercises our daughter was given were excellent. They were lots of fun, which helped make it easy to get her to do them, and the difference they have made to her core stability has been amazing. She has gone from falling over 3 – 4 times a day to hardly falling at all in a relatively short period of time. Thanks to Kate for all her help – we no longer have tears after school following a bad fall and Holly is really proud of herself when she stops herself falling.

SG, Cranfield

KidsPhysio helped when we struggled getting NHS appointments. Kate is friendly, professional and understanding. She is always punctual and Emily loved her. Kate gave us a manageable programme and listened to us. She responded to our needs. An excellent service. Thanks Kate.

AL, Luton

My child has benefited greatly from the input of physiotherapy from KidsPhysio. They are always contactable if I have a problem. The overall level of care has been excellent.

JT, Milton Keynes