Our Physiotherapists


Kate DrakeKate is a highly specialised children’s physiotherapist with over 35 years’ experience working with babies, children and teenagers. She believes that the key to achieving maximum potential lies in the empowerment of parents.

Prior to setting up, and in the early stages of KidsPhysio, Kate gained valuable experience by working in NHS hospitals and clinics; for a university supporting physiotherapy students, and for a charity providing aid in Romania.

Kate has completed the full Bobath training, as well as many other courses. She believes that an eclectic, holistic approach to children’s physiotherapy is most effective. She loves to analyse movement and postures and find the keys to promoting a child’s comfort and function. She has had great results using kinesio-taping (adapted for children and babies) to target specific muscles or movements.

Kate now works with children in their homes and schools in Milton Keynes. Do get in touch if you would like some more information regarding Kate’s experience or to arrange an appointment.

Pam MarmelsteinPam Marmelstein is a highly qualified Paediatric Neuro Physiotherapist. As a Bobath-trained therapist with over forty years of experience working with Paediatric Neuromuscular and Orthopaedic disorders, Pam has developed a wealth of expertise in this specialist area. Pam recently worked in one of the London teaching Hospitals, after working for many years at the Bedford Child Development Centre, seeing children with many different paediatric conditions. Pam now works within private practice.

Whilst working in London, Pam set up a Neuromuscular Paediatric Outreach Service, which specialised in hip and spine surveillance for children with cerebral palsy or similar conditions, and orthopaedic follow-up for those with complex needs. She continues to be active in the development of the standardised assessment of hips and spine in children with cerebral palsy (CPIP) and is passionate about the delivery of “24 hour postural management” for children and young people with neuromuscular disorders.

Through Pam’s wide ranging experience in children’s physiotherapy she is highly skilled, and is happy to see children with a wide range of conditions such as cerebral palsy, other neuromuscular disorders, developmental disorders and various paediatric orthopaedic disorders. Pam enjoys working with babies, children and teenagers.