Children’s physiotherapy in Milton Keynes and Bedford; improving children’s physical function in a fun and effective way.

BrainOur Chartered Physiotherapists have many years of experience working with children. They are specialists in assessing and treating a wide variety of conditions that impact a child’s movement and limit their potential.

Conditions may be short or long term, they may be neurological, developmental, orthopaedic or neuromuscular in origin.

We offer appointments in homes and schools in Bedford and Milton Keynes. We can support you whilst you wait for, or to supplement, NHS physiotherapy.

We aim to make physiotherapy sessions fun and interesting and something to look forward to.


Home VisitsWe offer appointments:

  • At home. Great for children who’ll feel happier and more confident in their safe home environment.

  • At pre-school, nursery or school for children whose home environment is not suitable for physiotherapy treatment sessions.
If in doubt, give us a call!

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Our Physiotherapists

KidsPhysio Physiotherapists are Kate Drake and Pam Marmelstein.

Kate and Pam are both very experienced Chartered Physiotherapists, with a wealth of experience and training in the managing children’s conditions.

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Why should you choose KIDSPHYSIO?