We do not have a waiting list so appointments can often be straight away. If you require an appointment at a busy time (e.g. after school) you may have to wait a little longer.
We assess and treat children from new-born to 16 years of age. Once young people who require ongoing Physiotherapy are on our caseload we will continue to work with them until it is appropriate to refer them on to a physiotherapist specialising in adult care.
A referral may be requested for a home visit. Read more.
Children are entitled to free NHS physiotherapy treatment. We are able to supplement this or provide care whilst your child awaits NHS treatment. If you are on a waiting list or receiving NHS physiotherapy, with your consent we will provide a written or verbal report so that the NHS physiotherapists are fully informed of our treatment plans and goals. Many NHS Physiotherapists will share their treatment plans and goals and a shared plan can be devised.
Kidsphysio provides treatment sessions in your homes. We find that children are happier in their own environment, more settled and therefore more receptive to treatment. Also most parents find the convenience of not having to travel, arrange sibling care etc easier.

Kidsphysio is also able to offer school or nursery visits. This allows assessment of the child in a different environment and specific advice or training for carers or teaching staff.

Read more.
The first session will include a discussion between the therapist, parents and child (where appropriate) to establish medical history, main concerns and the nature of the condition. A physical assessment will also be completed. This may include range of movement, muscle strength, and functional abilities.

At the end of this first session the therapist will discuss their findings with you and your child. We will talk through treatment options and provide exercise and advice. Read more.

At the first appointment you will also be asked to complete a consent form. Read more.
Your child should wear clothes that are loose and comfortable. We generally need to see the area where symptoms are being experienced e.g. if your child has a knee or hip problem, then shorts are advisable. For a developmental check, babies may need to be undressed to their nappy.
Children, their condition, presenting problems and individual goals are all different. After your child’s initial assessment, your physiotherapist will explain and discuss their findings and recommendations regarding further treatment. Read more.
Following your child’s assessment we will explain the treatment schedule we recommend. However you can chose to have more or less frequent sessions. It is not necessary to commit to a specific treatment frequency (e.g. weekly/fortnightly/monthly) as therapy needs and other commitments may vary. However if you want to arrange weekly sessions we can book in treatment blocks in advance to ensure you have the same day and time each week. Read more.
An initial assessment will be 60-90 minutes dependant on the child's age and condition. We generally recommend one hour for home treatment sessions.
We do not invoice Insurance companies for payment. We are happy to provide a receipt for your payment, so you can claim back your costs (or part thereof). Please contact your provider to discuss. Read more.
Payment is requested by BACS prior to the first appointment. You will be provided with payment details upon booking. Third parties (e.g. from solicitors, trust funds and charites) can be invoiced on request.
We need to assess a child thoroughly before we are able to provide specific advice. After a telephone discussion, we would be able to give you an idea whether an assessment with a KidsPhysio Physiotherapist would be helpful.